Working on a new collaboration with classical North Indian vocalist Seema Kasthuri for an upcoming concert event at the Ghandi Center in Saint Louis, Missouri this Fall. One other venue is in the works TBA as well for the Fall 2019 season.

Rehearsals have already started and the music being generated is very exciting, dynamic, cross cultural and incredibly beautiful. Seema’s husband Guru Prasanna Kasthuri will accompany us with some katak dance as well on one piece.

I first met Seema and Prasanna at Ustadt Imrat Khan’s house as we were both studying music at the time. I ;later was asked by Prasanna to partake in one of the more memorable music events of my life, accompanying Katak dance and tap dance in a concert performance along side Seema and an incredible tabla player.

Anyway I was very honored and when I saw the both of them at Imrat Khan’s funeral last Fall we decided to stay in touch and try to put together another concert. Stay tuned….

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