Major Scales For Contemporary Guitar gets straight to the heart of scale study on the instrument by introducing the five basic major scale fingerings and drilling down on each in a repetitive methodical method. 

Many methods introduce hundreds of scales with out showing their inter-relation to the basic major scale fingerings which can add a great amount of confusion, frustration and hinder advancement. 

Mosby’s approach is straight ahead from the beginning. All major scales carry the same fingering patterns as any derivative scale. Since all modes are derived from the major scale and use the same fingerings, it makes sense to conquer these five basic shapes from the major scale perspective before moving on. The result is strong technique, clear mental focus in counting and note placement and confidence.

Once the major scale fingerings are conquered, then the modal possibilities bloom forth which will be featured in an upcoming book to take the student through the modes and their applications in improvisation, composition and reharmonization.

Learning to master simple aspects of guitar playing becomes a monumental task for most and overwhelming for many. Thanks to the number of method books sending the same message of unconnected dots, missing information and confusion to uninformed teachers, this problem is only exemplified.

Mosby has cracked the code for a proven, systematic approach to developing acoustic guitar technique which allows easy access to a methodical approach based on a few simple ideas and a solid foundation in the basics of music.

“The layout and presentation of this book is well thought out, methodical and easy to follow. Any student at any level will find it easy access…”

Dr. Roland Jordan, Composer / Music Theorist Professor, Washington University

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