Open Waters

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release date: August 1, 2019


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Every so often an artist comes along who makes you rethink not just music but the world in which we live. With his thoroughly well-crafted and genre-defying sounds, Todd Mosby invites us into his realm, one in which creativity knows no bounds or borders. Like a master chef hunting for the best ingredients to cook a delectable meal, maestro Mosby has no compunction selecting the most ripened ideas and seasoned artists to feature on Open Waters.

In this terrific production, you will indeed hear artistic elements that draw upon jazz, New Age, folk music, and even Indian sonic materials. That’s because this music isn’t just from Mosby but of him: For thirteen years, he studied classical North Indian music with his neighbor and guru-ji Ustadt Imrat Khan. By learning this craft, Mosby can elegantly fuse the polyrhythms and polyphony found in North India with the spontaneity of jazz, creating his own, fresh aesthetic. Of course, Mosby is a highly talented guitarist, able to transform his creative ideas into richly rendered solos that sparkle throughout his album…

Alas, it’s Mosby who is the messenger, rather the ambassador on this album. He is a shining example of how one can take various ideas from sundry traditions, and make them mesh together. If this isn’t a testimony for what the world needs more, I don’t know what is. We need more Todd Mosby’s among us. A gorgeous album…

Kabir Sehgal - Feb 2019 - A New York Times bestselling author, Sehgal’s productions have won four Grammy Awards in Jazz and New Age and two Latin Grammy Awards



Open Waters is the best project I have been nvolved with in decades...
Todd Mosby is the most unique sounding guitarist I have ever worked with, nobody does what he does...
— Will Ackerman, Producer, Founder Windham Hill Records, Grammy Winng Artist
Traveling on water, or simply gazing at it, gives us a profound feeling of peace. Todd Mosby’s new album “Open Waters” embodies this sensation. It is an homage to the beautiful and dangerous ocean and its contradictions and mysteries. Wherever you are, this album will give you a feeling of being far out to sea. Mosby has delivered one of 2019’s finest New Age music releases, which for sure will win him a reward or two – and many news fans.
— BT Fasmer, New Age Music Guide
A Stunning album that’s takes us instantly to another place, another country and a sensation of open water, vast with wide skies. The journey shares stories of ‘other places’, places we may not have visited but somehow feel familiar.
— Fiona Joy Hawkins, ZMR & Grammy winning Australian Pianist, Composer and Singer
“Really nice work, man! Open Waters is full of thoughtful phrasing and nice, clean arranging, I enjoyed it very much!”
Best of luck with this project, Todd!

— Richard Gannaway, Composer, Founding Member of AO MUSIC, AO Foundation Intl
I’m so proud to be part of Todd Mosby’s new project, “Open Waters”!

Todd has the ability to create wonderfully evocative music, even if he’s only playing a few notes, and his remarkable vision will take you on a journey to places both thrilling and serene.
— Michael Manring - Grammy Nominated Bass Legend



Out now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, and more!

Out now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, and more!


More than 40 years ago guitarist Will Ackerman started what would become a massive world-wide movement known as Windham Hill Records. This label would go on to ignite a new music genre inspiring millions of people, including the select players on this album. 

Having produced legends such as Michael Hedges, Alex DeGrassi and more, Will also produced the three players joining him on this album. These individual projects led to discussions of future collaboration.

In the late summer of 2018, Will, Vin Downes, Todd Mosby and Trevor Gordon Hall gathered together at Imaginary Road Studios in Vermont to record together. 

With a natural synergy between the players and engineer Tom Eaton at the helm, there was complete trust that this would be a special project. The recordings that resulted from this meeting of minds far exceeded expectations. 

The sessions captured many delicate and often unplanned moments, pushing each contributor in new directions. The end product is an exciting mixture of solos, duets, trios and quartets. 

This rare and intimate collaboration between friends honors the aesthetic and vitality that Will Ackerman pioneered with Windham Hill all those years ago.



4 very talented men who truly love guitars making wonderful music together. The playing on this album is beautiful.
— David Crosby (Crosby, Stills and
This is beautiful music. It takes me back to the best part of the 1980’s, when instrumental music was alive and part of the cultural consciousness. These four musicians have captured the spirit of that time, with writing and playing that engages the mind and heart. Bravo ‘Four Guitars!
— Andrew York (Grammy Winning Guitarist Los Angeles Guitar Quartet)
I really admire the Four Guitars album that Will, Trevor, Vin, and Todd have put together. It’s personal, honest, and thought provoking, which is everything I love about solo acoustic guitar music.
— Andy McKee (Fingerstyle Guitar Legend)
These four masters meld their talents together into a single melodious voice that takes you on a remarkable musical journey.
— Michael Manring (Bass Guitar Legend)


On Eagle Mountain (2016)

Out now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, and more!

Out now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, and more!

Mosby’s freshman musical exploration into the many moods depicted by the beauty and variety of the mountains.

Acoustic guitar surrounded by a stellar cast of musicians and a variety of acoustic instruments for color and warmth. The unique Imratguitar, a hybrid 20 stringed sitar guitar is featured on many tracks.

Recorded and produced at the acclaimed Imaginary Road Studios by the Ackerman/Eaton team (one of the most popular in instrumental music) "On Eagle Mountain" spans multiple genres (world, jazz, folk) and many moods (vibrant, serene, contemplative) and does so with fluid grace and artistic depth.

Todd Mosby: acoustic guitars, Imratguitar
Tony Levin: ns bass, electric basses
Charlie Bisharat: violin
Eugene Friesen: cello
Michael Manring: fretless bass
Jill Haley: english horn
Jeff Haynes: percussion
Premik R. Tubbs: soprano, wind synth
Noah Wilding: vocals
Tom Eaton: synth pads, singing bowls



..Anyone who loves guitar music in particular, should not miss this one!
— Michael Diamond, Music Media & Focus
The album is a mélange of exotic ingredients that alternately sizzle and simmer to delight the musical palate with flavors of new age, contemporary instrumental, jazz, and world music.
— Michael Diamond, MEDIA & FOCUS


WEST EAST (2019, 2004 - REISSUE)

Out now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, and more!

Out now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, and more!

About This Recording

Towards the end of my formal studies with Ustadt Imrat Khan he said, “Todd, you are one of the few who have climbed and mastered the two great mountains of music; Classical North Indian music with all its advancements in melody and Western music with all its advancements in chordal harmony!”

This recording was a way to bridge 10 years dedicated study in Classical North Indian music and a life long study of Traditional American Jazz & Composition.Tracking took place over three sessions. Each recording was done in its entirety with no overdubs. 

West East originally titled East West has its history in a love for the two great improvisational forms; Classical North Indian Raga and Traditional American Jazz. Title change came about primarily because I am a Western student of music studying Eastern music.

Todd Mosby - composer, electric guitar
Adam Maness - arranging, fender rhodes
Carl Caspersen - bass
Phil Burton - bass
Ron Carr - drums
Henry Claude - percussion



Todd Mosby is one of the most innovative musicinas of this century.
— Ustadt Imrat Khan, Indian's Embassador to Music
Todd Mosby creates a moving instrumental masterpiece that is part new age, jazz, bossa nova, neo-classical, avant-garde, and world fusion. The conglomeration of genres is well-represented throughout. 

A mix of sounds and melodies makes the album shine.
Fans of guitars, jazz and world fusion will find faultless happiness in the musical creations of Todd Mosby.
— Mathew Forss, Reviewer for USA Today